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Philosophy of SPA

Jonathan Paul DeViervill’s quotes, “Spa work as life work offers a well-trained, reflective, and compassionate individual an ongoing opportunity to really facilitate and enhance others in their efforts and struggles to regain balance, harmony, and health. In many ways, a career in spa work is more than just a career because spa work touches the very essence of being human and human becomingness.Spa as a profession manifests meaning, success, purpose, reward, and fulfillment!” Several keywords resonate in this quote. Opportunity, enhance, helping others and ourselves in our efforts and struggles to regain balance, harmony, health, the essence of being human, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Words are powerful, they hold their own unique frequency and energy. When we allow ourselves to be open and connected, our bodies will resonate deeply with that energy

Empathic individuals are drawn to Spa. The voice of Spa resonates within them, they are drawn to the principals of Spa on an innate level. Water, Healing, Rejuvenation, Reconnection, Reflection are the voices of Spa.

My career and passion for the Spa industry began in the late ’90s. Somewhere in the last 20 plus years, our industry has muted the varying voices of Spa. We want the quick fix, we have based our passions for this industry on scarcity instead of abundance. I am guilty of the same limited awareness. Profound change can come from our trials or triumph. Being aware that to hear, heal, embrace, and teach balance, harmony, and healing we as experts in our industry need to facilitate Time into our philosophy of Spa. Where we spend our time, what we spend our time on, and who we spend our time with is a treasure. Our life is created out of our choices of time. The philosophy of Spa grants the opportunity to explore these principles of the spa to lead us back to ourselves, to lead us back to being – human beings.

Spa can not only show us our connection to ourselves, and to others, but our home (Earth). The parallels of our bodies, their functions externally and internally reflect the same functions of our planet internally and externally. “Spas are places devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body, and spirit”. (Johnathan Paul DeVierville, Ph.D.)

I believe, which I feel is expressed in the quote, is our culture is in need of a deeper awareness of emotional connection, service, healing, and prevention. Dr. DeVierville mentions that spa culture has gone through cycles during the ages. We are entering a new cycle. I cannot wait to see where it will take us

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