Beth DeBlase Is Certified In Oncology Esthetics

We provide soothing relief and support for clients dealing with cancer and undergoing cancer treatments

Oncology Esthetics

According to a report by the American Cancer Society, more than 14.5 million Americans were currently living with cancer, in process of receiving treatment, or at one time had cancer and are now in a state of remission.

Oncology Esthetics is a specialized discipline which includes advanced education and training to Estheticians to help them know how to modify their spa and skin treatments to better ensure a more positive and safe out come for their clients with cancer.

The specialized training received by Oncology Estheticians gives them a unique set of skills which helps them to better understand both the psychological and physical health of clients under their care.

During a typical session, or spa service, advanced Oncology massage techniques are utilized to help ease symptoms of anxiety, pain, fatigue, nausea and insomnia.

Beth received her Oncology Esthetics certification from Oncology Training International. A Multidisciplinary Program for Oncology Care. Click here to see Beth’s Certification.

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