Mind-Body-Spirit, Beth DeBlase – Three Sparrows Wellness

As spa practitioners, we have an intuitive ability to connect empathically to the individuals that we provide services to. This is one of our greatest strengths and tools. For many of us, myself included, therefore the philosophy of SPA, to nurture, connect, heal, to see ourselves and our clients as the whole person, mind, body, spirit, resonates so deeply within. “There is Beauty in Simplicity.” (the fancy.com)

As mentioned by John E. Lopis, individuals carry their own unique vibration, regardless of their awareness to it. When an individual is seeking out the services provided by SPA experience they are doing so with intent. The intention of escape, relaxation, and reconnection.

Healing Frequencies/Sound Therapy
Grounding is a term frequently used in modalities such as yoga, meditation, and energy work. Grounding is the transference of vibrational frequencies. In short, grounding is reconnecting one energy source (us) to another (earth). Each modality discussed helps to facilitate the reconnection, rediscovering, and reintegration, of our mind, body, and spirit.
Sound Therapy and Vibration play a pivotal in affecting physical, mental, and spiritual connection. Sound Therapy has been proven to reduce stress and boost energy. The first impression can be a lasting one. This therapy should begin as soon as an individual step into

your space, assisting in setting the appropriate tone, vibe, or frequency, which will carry the individual through their time with you. When incorporating this modality, it should reflect your core philosophy, vision, mission, for the environment you are choosing to create. Music, tones, and vibrations create their own memory in our senses. Make it a lasting memory!

Crystal Energy Therapy can be a powerful modality to implement in a variety of ways with varying therapies. During consultation with your guest have a variety of crystals laid out for them to choose from. Ask them to choose 5 to 6 crystals that they feel guided towards. Have them use their gut feeling, intuition, or what vibration they feel directed towards the most. Once again, our bodies resonate energy in a specific frequency, just as a stone or a crystal does. When guiding your patron to choose you, we are guiding them to trust, to recognize, and to reconnect with themselves. This type of modality aids in creating a sense of empowerment to the patron as they are guided through their therapy session. Remember empowerment in a positive setting creates purpose. By choosing for themselves it embraces individuality, customization, and uniqueness. This modality also assists the practitioner in gaining a clearer picture of how to nurture their patron through the therapy. Using the crystals like the sound therapy from initial contact with your patron through their session and continuing with options for them to retain their selected crystals, creates a sensory memory.

The power of touch, as a practitioner this is our greatest tool, modality we have at the tips of our very fingers. Literally! Touch your client. Touch is healing, relaxing, restorative. The power of touch has been studied over and over. How can touch not be our greatest modality, when our skin is our largest organ. There is no other modality that can replace human touch. “Touch

connects us as human beings.” ” Touch is critical”. (Becky Kuehn: The Estheticians Guide to Outstanding Esthetics)

These simple, yet powerful modalities create their own unique experiences in our mind, body, and spirit. Wellness, health, self-improvement, experiences, balance, reconnection, serenity, can be integrated into the time spent with your client. These, and many other modalities, enhance the power of SPA. ” Simple steps can lead to profound change.” (Kris Carr: FoodMatters)

“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, Simplify!” (Henry Thoreau)



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