Creating Connection Through Intention

The General Manager of a Prominent Salon & Spa recounts a memorable moment of greeting a client as she was walking through the spa. She explains how the guest has her pet accompanying her at the spa that morning. The GM goes on to say in her greeting to the guest she reaches down to pet the clients dog saying, ” Good morning Baby” to the dog. The guest exclaimed her excitement saying, ” You are the best Manager I ever met! I can’t believe you care so much about me that you remember my dogs name. I love it here and will tell all my friends that this is the only place to visit in New York City to visit!”

The perspective of the manager: expresses how simple contact with your guest can create connection, making a lasting impression.
What is the guest feeling? Excitement and Connection, expressed by her reply over the fact that her pets name was remembered, and that’s why she loves it here, and will share that this is the only place to come to for quality service how much she loves this place. ( I am paraphrasing her reaction) She feels a personal connection on a deeper level than she may have experienced in previous visits.

What is significant about the guest’s reaction? It was not so much what the guest said, it is why she is saying it. Her excitement over a simple fact of remembering a pet’s name has a deeper meaning than just the name of the pet, to the guest. Remembering her pet’s name for this client, instantly brought personal value & connection. Example, “Wow they really pay attention to detail, they care, I am appreciated.

What is this exchange saying to you?

The deeper lesson to be learned. The perspective of the manager expresses how simple every day contact with your guests, play an essential role in the overall success of your Spa.
From this reflection you can see how important little things can make guests feel special and valued. Simple things; like favorite color, favorite music, pet peeve’s, favorite food, are personal insights provided by the guest, about the guest, if valued authentically add to creating connection. As a GM, Owner, or Solo Entrepreneur relying upon your skills or your staff skills as an effective listener, then to incorporate this type of insight into client profiles, shows engagement, communication, and connection. This concept demonstrates that it takes engagement to make success happen.

Connection creates experiences that can be lasting, as exampled from the client’s statement that she is going to recommend this facility as the only on to come to. Remembering something simple showed the guest that this was a place where she was being valued, not just as a consumer, but as a person ( not just the bottom line for the spa). Nuances create individuality and uniqueness. When these are recognized by staff or yourself, (solo practitioner), to a guest it is a simple strategy that can yield great rewards.

As a learning tool it would be important to point out the fact that the GM had acted indirectly, not really remembering the name of the pet, just using a general term of greeting. It worked out to the Spa’s benefit. This interaction can be created intentionally and should be. The outcome would still be the same, but the intention would be different. Now it is an example, a standard, a reflection of what type of service a guest will receive. The takeaway potential of this scenario, creating a customized pairing of therapist to guest or a specialized therapy for the guest. Knowing small particulars of core guests and matching them with a therapist or therapy can enhance an organic connection between guest and Spa. Reestablishing value for core guests and turning peripheral guests into advocates For Your Spa and For Your Brand, YOU!!