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Neuroendocrine Awareness Month – NET Cancer Day November 10th

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Help raise awareness and provide help for people with Neuroendocrine Cancer

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I Need Your Support

When receiving a diagnosis of cancer, you experience an overload. Emotionally, mentally, and physically. We as patients cannot navigate them alone. We are no longer who we were, and now have no idea who we will be.

Our anchor is gone, the trust we had in our body and in ourselves is lost. A cancer patient is adrift! We feel isolated in a sea of doctors, surgeries, chemotherapy, medications, injections, test, lab work, exhaustion, pain, & fear.

SELF ADVOCACY IS OUR LIFE JACKET! Nonprofit Support Organizations like, LACNETS (Los Angeles Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumor Society) kept my head above the uncertainty and sometimes murky waters of cancer. I easily could have drowned in these waters and with no one to trust, certainly not my body!

LACNETS unique ability to exude compassion, understanding, education, & support has helped me untangle myself from the giant NET OF CANCER I have been caught in.

Doctors work diligently to save our bodies. LACNETS is working diligently to save our life. Giving us the tools, to not just live in cancer, but to THRIVE through cancer.

There is no greater way, I can see, to HONOR the lives that have been lost to this disease, the lives that work tirelessly to find treatments or cures, or the lives of people who ADVOCATE for us as patients & caregivers. Who are helping us live in a better quality of life!

WE need to work just as tirelessly. To not just wait for a Miracle, to be the Miracle!

With LACNETS as my advocate, I am very grateful to say that I am THRIVING and not just Existing in this journey.


Thank You,

Beth DeBlase

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