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Philosophy of SPA

Jonathan Paul DeViervill’s quotes, “Spa work as life work offers a well-trained, reflective, and compassionate individual an ongoing opportunity to really facilitate and enhance others in their efforts and struggles to regain balance, harmony, and health. In many ways, a career in spa work is more than just a career because spa work touches the […]

What Is Coming In 2019

BEING BRAVE IN 2019  My new addiction for 2019, TEDx Talks.  I prefer to make New Year’s Addictions in place of Resolutions.  Addictions are harder to break.  With my new addiction, that I am loving by the way, a commonality has appeared.  FEAR, the insidious little word that causes nothing but trouble.  Therefore, I have […]

Creating Connection Through Intention

The General Manager of a Prominent Salon & Spa recounts a memorable moment of greeting a client as she was walking through the spa. She explains how the guest has her pet accompanying her at the spa that morning. The GM goes on to say in her greeting to the guest she reaches down to […]