Creating Connection Through Intention

The General Manager of a Prominent Salon & Spa recounts a memorable moment of greeting a client as she was walking through the spa. She explains how the guest has her pet accompanying her at the spa that morning. The GM goes on to say in her greeting to the guest she reaches down to pet the clients dog saying, ” Good morning Baby” to the dog. The guest exclaimed her excitement saying, ” You are the best Manager I ever met! I can’t believe you care so much about me that you remember my dogs name. I love it here and will tell all my friends that this is the only place to visit in New York City to visit!”

The perspective of the manager: expresses how simple contact with your guest can create connection, making a lasting impression.
What is the guest feeling? Excitement and Connection, expressed by her reply over the fact that her pets name was remembered, and that’s why she loves it here, and will share that this is the only place to come to for quality service how much she loves this place. ( I am paraphrasing her reaction) She feels a personal connection on a deeper level than she may have experienced in previous visits.

What is significant about the guest’s reaction? It was not so much what the guest said, it is why she is saying it. Her excitement over a simple fact of remembering a pet’s name has a deeper meaning than just the name of the pet, to the guest. Remembering her pet’s name for this client, instantly brought personal value & connection. Example, “Wow they really pay attention to detail, they care, I am appreciated.

What is this exchange saying to you?

The deeper lesson to be learned. The perspective of the manager expresses how simple every day contact with your guests, play an essential role in the overall success of your Spa.
From this reflection you can see how important little things can make guests feel special and valued. Simple things; like favorite color, favorite music, pet peeve’s, favorite food, are personal insights provided by the guest, about the guest, if valued authentically add to creating connection. As a GM, Owner, or Solo Entrepreneur relying upon your skills or your staff skills as an effective listener, then to incorporate this type of insight into client profiles, shows engagement, communication, and connection. This concept demonstrates that it takes engagement to make success happen.

Connection creates experiences that can be lasting, as exampled from the client’s statement that she is going to recommend this facility as the only on to come to. Remembering something simple showed the guest that this was a place where she was being valued, not just as a consumer, but as a person ( not just the bottom line for the spa). Nuances create individuality and uniqueness. When these are recognized by staff or yourself, (solo practitioner), to a guest it is a simple strategy that can yield great rewards.

As a learning tool it would be important to point out the fact that the GM had acted indirectly, not really remembering the name of the pet, just using a general term of greeting. It worked out to the Spa’s benefit. This interaction can be created intentionally and should be. The outcome would still be the same, but the intention would be different. Now it is an example, a standard, a reflection of what type of service a guest will receive. The takeaway potential of this scenario, creating a customized pairing of therapist to guest or a specialized therapy for the guest. Knowing small particulars of core guests and matching them with a therapist or therapy can enhance an organic connection between guest and Spa. Reestablishing value for core guests and turning peripheral guests into advocates For Your Spa and For Your Brand, YOU!!

Mind-Body-Spirit, Beth DeBlase – Three Sparrows Wellness

As spa practitioners, we have an intuitive ability to connect empathically to the individuals that we provide services to. This is one of our greatest strengths and tools. For many of us, myself included, therefore the philosophy of SPA, to nurture, connect, heal, to see ourselves and our clients as the whole person, mind, body, spirit, resonates so deeply within. “There is Beauty in Simplicity.” (the

As mentioned by John E. Lopis, individuals carry their own unique vibration, regardless of their awareness to it. When an individual is seeking out the services provided by SPA experience they are doing so with intent. The intention of escape, relaxation, and reconnection.

Healing Frequencies/Sound Therapy
Grounding is a term frequently used in modalities such as yoga, meditation, and energy work. Grounding is the transference of vibrational frequencies. In short, grounding is reconnecting one energy source (us) to another (earth). Each modality discussed helps to facilitate the reconnection, rediscovering, and reintegration, of our mind, body, and spirit.
Sound Therapy and Vibration play a pivotal in affecting physical, mental, and spiritual connection. Sound Therapy has been proven to reduce stress and boost energy. The first impression can be a lasting one. This therapy should begin as soon as an individual step into

your space, assisting in setting the appropriate tone, vibe, or frequency, which will carry the individual through their time with you. When incorporating this modality, it should reflect your core philosophy, vision, mission, for the environment you are choosing to create. Music, tones, and vibrations create their own memory in our senses. Make it a lasting memory!

Crystal Energy Therapy can be a powerful modality to implement in a variety of ways with varying therapies. During consultation with your guest have a variety of crystals laid out for them to choose from. Ask them to choose 5 to 6 crystals that they feel guided towards. Have them use their gut feeling, intuition, or what vibration they feel directed towards the most. Once again, our bodies resonate energy in a specific frequency, just as a stone or a crystal does. When guiding your patron to choose you, we are guiding them to trust, to recognize, and to reconnect with themselves. This type of modality aids in creating a sense of empowerment to the patron as they are guided through their therapy session. Remember empowerment in a positive setting creates purpose. By choosing for themselves it embraces individuality, customization, and uniqueness. This modality also assists the practitioner in gaining a clearer picture of how to nurture their patron through the therapy. Using the crystals like the sound therapy from initial contact with your patron through their session and continuing with options for them to retain their selected crystals, creates a sensory memory.

The power of touch, as a practitioner this is our greatest tool, modality we have at the tips of our very fingers. Literally! Touch your client. Touch is healing, relaxing, restorative. The power of touch has been studied over and over. How can touch not be our greatest modality, when our skin is our largest organ. There is no other modality that can replace human touch. “Touch

connects us as human beings.” ” Touch is critical”. (Becky Kuehn: The Estheticians Guide to Outstanding Esthetics)

These simple, yet powerful modalities create their own unique experiences in our mind, body, and spirit. Wellness, health, self-improvement, experiences, balance, reconnection, serenity, can be integrated into the time spent with your client. These, and many other modalities, enhance the power of SPA. ” Simple steps can lead to profound change.” (Kris Carr: FoodMatters)

“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, Simplify!” (Henry Thoreau)


Book: The Mozart Effect
Book: Crystal Muse Everyday Ritual to Tune into the Real You
Sept 2018 Skin INC. Magazine: Crystals for Spirit and Skin, By Cali VanAelst

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Beth DeBlase – Certified Oncology Esthetician

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, as I studied the levels of the pyramid, I could visualize the parallels between the meaning of each need to the level of transition and progression we strive to achieve in creating the philosophy of Spa in our lives, and the lives of our consumers.  The correlation between Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the ancient definition of practicing Spa, are traveling the same path, just in different vehicles.  Though the vehicles are different, the destination is the same, Self – Actualization.

Philosophy of Spa, “Is A Place to Meet Yourself.”  The pinnacle of the pyramid is the place we meet ourselves, according to Maslow’s theory.  With each philosophy you must transverse through each level to achieve our Bliss, (Awareness).  Both philosophies require patience, time, and balance before achieving the next level of awareness.

Once again both theories. Have undergone an evolution of their philosophy for the culture and hopefully deeper understanding of today’s society. Maslow’s evolution indicates that the levels of need can continually overlap, just as the evolution of the Spa experience is, not one size, (experience), fits all.

The psychological needs are the foundational principals, of food, water, warmth, and rest.  The same principles which we build the concept of Spa on, especially water, considered to be vital to our survival.

A new buzzword “farm to table, “encompassing buying organic, fresh fruits, vegetables, as well as locally raised meat and fresh fish, became the Wellness Kitchen, a wellness trending term introduced by the Global Wellness Institute.  Now being incorporated in most spa menu offerings.  Another point of entry into this level is demonstrated by The Spa at Mandarin Oriental in Washington DC.  Where chakra rebalance treatment was introduced, designed to help clients experience recovery, vitality, better sleep, stress reduction, and increased energy.

Our safety needs are expressed in the second level.  Maslow reference safety to home, a structure, and financial stability.  The evolution of this principle and its counterpart to Spa philosophy, is in the differentiation of tangible safety, to the intangible safety we want to experience in our Spa environment.  The tangible or intangible experience being creating is providing the guest with a sense of safety.  Overlapping of both philosophies occurs here as Maslow is referring to a roof over your head, aka safety.  Today’s culture a safe place, is a space created for the purpose of relieving stress and anxiety of our daily lives.  Entering the spa environment with soft lighting, aromatherapy, meditative music, and the ambiance of fresh flowers infuse the mind – body- spirit into a state of relaxation, so a guest can safely transition into the next level of need (awareness).  American spa wrote an article about the benefits of fresh flowers in creating a safe space in your spa environment.  American Spa documented that fresh flowers create a feeling of a safe space in the experience of the guest.

Social belonging, trying to achieve and maintain emotionally significant relationships, and connection to each other.   Friendships, intimacy, and family meet our human need to love and be loved.  Reaching the third level of Belonging and Love.  In the Spa philosophy, belonging is another word for nurturing, of being nurtured.  This type of connectivity has become part of cultures, traditions, and rituals around the globe.  Bathing Houses have been around for thousands of years, but “there’s been a resurgence and focus [on bathing], and an attempt to modernize how it’s offered,” explains Mia Kyricos, president and founder of Kyricos & Associates.  Communal bathing, in many cultures, is still a social activity, while still offering healing abilities.

Esteem, the human desire to be respected and valued by others. Parallels or overlapping of both philosophies lead us into the forth level.  Maslow concerned his theory with the need to have the respect of your peers.  Spa philosophy concerns itself with the need for self respect. Not much has changed in this area, where beauty for example, is still considered a higher need then brains.  Spa philosophy stresses that beauty works at a subconscious level and that if a person has to think about beauty, they won’t be rewarded by it.

Final destination, self-actualization, the parallel version of Spa is self-awareness.  Maslow “What a Man Can Be, He Must Be.  Maslow almost reaches the tip of the proverbial iceberg here, by just trying to reach the potential of oneself.  Reaching true awareness in Spa philosophy incorporates a level of altruism, the giving of oneself to others, to something greater than themselves.  Destination achieved, from who we were to who we are.  Progression is multi layered and multi-dimensional.  What we seek for ourselves, should align with what we want to share with others.





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